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List of Worm Lizards of Trinidad and Tobago

List of Worm Lizards (Order: Squamata Suborder: Amphisbaenia)

Family: Amphisbaenidae - Two-headed snakes
Amphisbaenia is a group of legless squamates distantly related to lizards and snakes in spite of their resemblance to worms.  They have degenerated eyes, body scales arranged in rings, blunt tails giving the appearance of having two heads. They feed on invertebrates and most species are oviparous. The family contains 19 genera and about 133 species. Two species occur in Trinidad.  The skin of amphisbaenia is only loosely attached to the body.  They move in an accordion-like motion, in which the skin moves and the body seemingly just drags along behind it.  Uniquely they are also able to perform this motion in reverse just as effectively.

Scientific Name
Local Name
Amphisbaena alba
White legless lizard, red worm lizard, bachac snake
Amphisbaena fuliginosa fuliginosa
Black and white legless lizard, black and white coral, spotted worm snake

Source: Murphy, John C. (1997), Amphibians and Reptiles of Trinidad and Tobago
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